Our Story

Besides an unwavering commitment to our employees and the quality work they accomplish every day, Petra is dedicated to supporting children and families in need around the world through carefully chosen charitable organizations.

These organizations work to accomplish our mutual goals for helping others, fostering faith and“lifting up the forgotten.. helping AND LOVING others.

Rashid Salem, President


PETRA is a developer of luxury homes and condominiums in the Washington, DC area with a focus on integrity and craftsmanship. We carefully select properties that have great promise and allow us to fulfill their design potential. Our completed projects are breathtaking in form, function and execution down to the smallest detail.

At PETRA, we believe that how we do business is as important as the work we do. It’s based on a foundation of integrity, transparency, honesty and professionalism that extends to our team members, our work ethic and the projects we develop.

Our name is based on attributes of our brand. In Greek, PETRA means “rock,” often associated with terms such as foundational, durability, steadfast and dependable.

Our creative visions are carefully planned, detailed and executed through a process driven workflow and diligent project management.

We currently have 11 projects in various stages of development. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in learning more about PETRA.