Quality Work / Passionate Team Members

When you dedicate your life to something you love its called passion.  We wake up every day focused on building the best homes and that is our passion. It translates to perfection in the work we do, applying our skills to every detail and pleasure in seeing it come to fruition.

Our team members manifest passion with each and every project we do. Trained in the skills that assure a beautiful home regardless if it’s a single residence or a multi-unit building. Our vision sets the tone for the execution but our employees make it a reality.  We invite you to join our team if you also believe in excellence and the passion of building.

team members

Neal Hodgson [Lead Architect]
Eli Borek [Lead Development Manager]
Jonathan Kim [Director of Business Operations and Acquisitions ]
Marcus Rayner [Construction and Operations Coordinator]
Rashid Salem [President]
Shallon Salem [Vice President]